Man Of Steel Costumes Revealed

Licensing Expo 2012 (really, do they have Expos for every damned things?) has properly revealed for the first time, the costumes we'll be seeing in the Superman Man of Steel film next summer, directed by Zack Snyder. They are, from left to right, Russell's Crowe's Jor-El, Henry Cavill's Superman, and Antje Trau's  Faora, a minion of Zod, who will be CG, because of course he will.

Some are saying that these costumes at least show a unified theme, and are recognisable as having similar Kyrptonian elements, but I don't see it. What I see are three wildly different designs with almost no connective elements. Jor-El's looks like exposed muscle, like something Pinhead might wear. Faora's looks like Queen of the Orks, and Superman's looks like... Superman, only more penisy.

Considering that DC is incapable of making a Superman film that isn't just a remake of Superman '78 (Really. Superman II, Superman: Quest for Peace, and Superman Returns are all just Superman '78 over and over, from plot, to characters, to whole chunks verbatim of dialogue), and that Zack Snyder is a visual director with a tenuous ability to get decent performances out of his actors, I have zero expectations for this film. Actually, that's not true. I expect it to be terrible. Therefore, if it is bad, I'm not let down, and if it's good (which it won't be) I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Someone reminded me the other day that Richard Schiff was cast as Emil Hamilton, which looks to me to be the one opal in this turd sandwich.

Hit the jump to see larger shots of each.

Once you see 'it', you can't unsee 'it'.

Jor-El's meat suit is only for special occassions
Umm, ma'am, your battle suit is missing pieces. A lot of pieces...
Via ComicsAlliance.
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  1. Let's go see if this can beat our ever favorite dinosaur costume.

    1. Normally, I am fundamentally opposed to onesies... but that is pretty... something. Very, clearly, something.