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MCU: Phase 2 is what Marvel is calling the post-Avengers environment, lasting between now and probably 2016. Kicking off with Iron Man 3 (filming now), it continues with Thor 2 (filming in the fall), Captain America 2 (filming in the spring). It will also include several unknown projects, rumoured to be Ant Man, which Edgar Wright has been saying he'll make since back when the first Iron Man was released, Black Panther, which was teased in Iron Man 2, and possible Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Universe, SHIELD, Runaways, and Hulk sequels. All of this will culminate with Avengers 2, which the smart money would say will also be the last appearance of Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. I've put in my two cents on where I feel the MCU should go before.

This will then presumably lead to three possible futures: one, Phase 3 begins, forcing Marvel tries to come up with new excuses as to why none of the films are based on their equally popular female heroes, and are forced to make Moon Knight: the Movie. Two, audiences become tired of this, and move on to the next big thing: gritty adaptations of early nineties children's books, like Little Critter, or the Bungalo Boys. Third, audiences don't tire of this, and Phase 3 is forced to shut down because Marvel has made all of the money. And I, for one, will welcome our new House of Ideas Economic Overlords.

- Getting back to the immediate future, it was announced that Zachery Chuck Levi will be taking over the role of Fandral (the Errol Flynn knock off) in the Thor sequel. This was because Josh Dallas, who played the role in the first one, is now committed to the ABC show Once Upon A Time, where he plays Prince Charming (I guess. If I wanted fairy tale characters in the modern world, I'll just reread Fables). I think this qualifies as irony, since Levi was cast as Fendral in the first movie, but had to drop out because of Chuck's season 5 pick up (I'd have rather went with Thor, considering). Now, putting aside that Chuck and Chipmunks Two: The Sweekquel didn't exactly convince me that Levi is the best actor in the world, the role is small, and it shouldn't matter. I'm just happy that Sif and the Warriors Three are returning, and if there were justice in the world, would get their own Coulson style spinoff on the DVDs (I say DVD, but they don't put extras on the DVD anymore, the bastards).

I'm curious though, since Mads Mikkelsen has all but been cast as the villain in the flick, and was also just announced to be playing the young Hannibal Lector on NBC's new show. Is Mads betting that Hannibal will be cancelled in six episodes, and that he'll be free to make the film (it's a good bet, it is NBC)?

- Apparently that picture of Iron Patriot on set of Iron Man 3 wasn't Iron Patriot, just a repaint of War Machine. Except, where were all his guns? And why wasn't the suit as bulky as War Machine, you know, because of the guns? I smell bullshit.

- There is a rumour, and I have no sources to back this up, but still feel like I have to perpetuate it, that Marvel is looking into rereleasing the Avengers to theatres sometime in the fall (probably around or after the DVD release time at the end of September). The catch? It will add back in 20 minutes of footage that Whedon cut out of the original release. Now, Whedon isn't a fan of director's cuts, so I feel that this is entirely Marvel's doing, which is kind of a dick move because Whedon cut those scenes for a reason: they slowed or were detrimental to the narrative. But Marvel only cares about getting even more of the money, so I can see them doing this. And honestly, I will probably buy a ticket to that. Probably twice.

- Finally, Captain America 2 has found it's director, in The Russo Brothers, best known for directing episodes of TV comedies Arrested Development, Community, and Happy Endings. Which doesn't scream "able to direct action heavy movie", but Marvel hasn't made a bad hire yet. Yet. I'll admit to assuming the Cap sequel would be set during the War, the first of which montages over Cap's systematic dismantling of the Hydra bases, thus providing them with plenty of empty time to explore in a revisit, leaving Cap's modern adventures to Avengers films. But I was wrong, and I can live with that.

What I do like is that, after the Favreau incident, that Marvel is getting fresh creative teams behind the camera for each of these flicks. New eyes mean not bored eyes, and can open up the world in a way that the first guy might never have thought of. Which makes me nervous for Avengers 2. Not because I feel Joss Whedon is getting job offers left right and centre right now (you bet he is). But because I feel Whedon is the only current writer/director capable of pulling off a complex story with a dozen primary characters, and even then, only just.

Fresh blood is good, but knowing who the best man for the job is, is better.

Via The Mary Sue, and again.
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