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- Ryan Reynolds has been cast in the only eighties movie franchise not yet raped for nostagic gain, Highlander. I have nothing to say about this other then I expect it will be terrible, and that since the original had a Belgian playing a Scot, and a Scotsman playing a Spaniard, casting a Canadian to play a Scot isn't that dumb. I mean, it's still dumb. But not as dumb. Of course this means they'll have to hire an Australian to play a Canadian, a Swede to play a South African, and a Brit to play the bad guy. Probably a German.

- They are making a full on Lego animated movie. Not only that, but they have secured (probably through the same deal that lets them make all those video games) the rights to include licensed Lego characters in the movie. Every single thing about this movie sounds fantastic. It will star Parks and Rec star Chris Pratt as an everyLegoman who must travel to various Lego worlds in order to help save the universe from being glued together. Confirmed will be the inclusion of the Lego DC Universe, with Batman being played by Will Arnett.

My hope is that they don't concentrate too much on the licenced stuff, and delve into the history of Lego. Remember, they started off making Viking ships and cars. Basic, generic stuff. Cowboys, pirates, mailmen. It wasn't until they got the licence for Star Wars that they went crazy.

- During the post-press for The Avengers, Joss Whedon was asked if we wanted to do the sequel. He said it's hard investing so much of yourself into something that ultimately isn't yours. But he's got enough money to buy both California and the Terminator franchise now, so should you really get hung up on if it isn't 'yours'.

But then he said this: "If I could be anywhere, I’d be on board Serenity."

This means nothing. But at least he's still in love with her as much as the rest of us. At the Ottawa Comiccon in the spring, Adam Baldwin suggested the best future for Serenity might be as an animated series, since most of the rest of the cast are all employed elsewhere, and it would be cheaper to make. And I am for every single bit of that.

Via Topless Robot, Den of Geek, and MTV.
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