The Muppets, in London

This promo, aside from being exactly what you'd expect from the Muppets (very funny) also highlights two of the things that puzzled me to no end when the film came out last year.

First, this promo is to advertise the British release of the film on DVD, nearly five months after the North American release. Which mirrors the theatrical release, which hit Britain in February, three months after the North American release. Why Disney decided to treat the country that was the original home of the Muppets, from which more then half the original puppeteers came from, as such secondary considerations (especially when a film like Avengers, which has no British connection, came out there a week before it did in North America) befuddles me to no end.

Second, Pepe is all over the marketing for the movie. He's in the trailers, he's in the promos, he's on the DVD cover. Seven hells, on my copy, Pepe the King Prawn is the lone spine image. He has a single scene, with two lines in the actual film. Which is more then Rizzo the Rat, a long established and well liked character got, which was a blink-and-you'll-miss-him cameo (on the back of a ladder).

Is Pepe really that much of a marketing goldmine, do the kids really just throw themselves at his feet? Seriously, can someone explain to me why Disney likes Pepe more then Rizzo? Why Segal and Stoller, who specifically didn't include 'modern' Muppets, from Muppets Tonight and after, in the film because they didn't have an emotional connection to them, opted to use Pepe instead of any other Muppet?

Via the Mary Sue.
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