Neil deGrasse Tyson To Filmmakers: The Fault Lies In Your Stars, You Fools

He is so disappointed in you.
I think if Neil deGrasse Tyson could say one thing to Hollywood, it would be something like: "if you're going to go to all the bother of making your science fiction 'realistic', don't be dumb." Or, maybe just that last bit. This is, after all, the man who spotted the mistake in Titanic that the stars were wrong, when that is a laughably easy thing to figure out. Seriously, I had a 486 back in the day that had a program that could generate a sky map for any day, ever, past and future.

And it's hard, when movies like Star Trek drastically misunderstand, on confuse, concepts like black holes and supernova, or when screenwriters and directors forget that their is no medium in space (it's the defining characteristic), that prevents shock waves, and sound.

So, when watching Prometheus, like any sci-fi film, I was keeping an eye out for dumb. They throw a calculation at you pretty quickly which works out. The cave map stuff is next to nonsense. But I'll admit to missing this:

I got hung up on her line "the company spent a trillion dollars to bring you here." Partly because it sounds goofy when anyone says trillion with a straight face, and also because I'm thinking that might be a low ball estimate. 82 years in the future, cost of building, powering, crewing a long range space exploration mission, adjust for inflation. Someone get me an economist...

But seriously, getting simple science stuff wrong in movies is just dumb. It would be like one of the actors forgetting to have an ear. Take an extra minute, use a calculator, and don't be dumb.

There, that's your life lesson for the day.
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