Pixar Plans For the Future, In More Detail

I didn't start the day intending to write three pieces about Pixar, but here we are all the same.

John Lassiter, in preparation for the release of Brave, and the freshly released teaser for Monster University, has been going into greater detail about the company's future prospects. Right now, they have four films in various stages of production: Monsters University, due out next summer, followed by The Good Dinosaur, then the two untitled pictures by about the human mind, and the day of the dead. As well as two Toy Story TV specials being made for ABC to air in the fall of 2013 and the spring of 2014 (smells like Halloween and Easter specials to me), and several more Toy Story shorts to be tacked onto Disney films.

Lassiter has elaborated on what we already knew about The Good Dinosaur, saying:
"What if the meteor that killed off the dinosaurs missed Earth and dinosaurs kept living? It’s really a great story because they are very funny dinosaurs. They are kind of cartoony but they are dinosaurs, they are not walking around with clothes on or anything like that, they still are kind of dinosaurs. We focused on mostly the plant-eaters, not the carnivores… Their society becomes more of an agrarian society, meaning farmers. They become farmers.

"It’s a very funny story about a certain way of life that a young dinosaur has trouble fitting into and he ends up going on this quest. He kind of messes up and he has to put everything right by going on this quest and on that quest he meets this our character that is an outcast from his society too and so the two of them form this bond and it becomes this unique kind of story… kind of hard to describe. It’s a very special, very emotional story but it’s so quirky and nutty. That’s really the hallmark of Bob Peterson’s and Peter Sohn’s talent. Bob Peterson is truly one of the funniest people I’ve met and it’s coming through with this story. Pixar does dinosaurs, but like anything we touch… it’s unlike any other dinosaur picture you’ve seen ‘cause it doesn’t fit in your typical [idea of] what you think dinosaurs are. It’s absolutely beautiful too."
Setting aside that it sounds like A Bug's Life with dinosaurs, 65 million years on, dinosaurs wouldn't look like dinosaurs anymore. In fact, we know exactly what they'd look like, because chances are one of them just shat on your car. They'd look like birds. Of course, birds are descendants of small, agile theropods, not sauropods like what has been seen in early art work. But one can reasonably assume that sauropod descendants would also have changed dramatically. Smaller, to deal with changes in atmosphere content, and to need less food for fuel. Faster too, to deal with the rise of mammals like smilodon.

Not to mention apes, which wouldn't have survived long enough to evolve into humans, what with dinosaurs, be they herbivore or carnivore, around. There would have been too much competition in the ecosystem. Unless dinosaurs replaced later animals that human hunted for food in the early days. But Lassiter implies the dinosaurs are intelligent, which means their brains would have had to grown, which means they would have had to get really small, to devote more of their energy into thinking and less into maintaining huge bodies. But not smart enough to wear clothes...

So, unless it's a lost world thing in reverse, where dinosaurs rule the world, but a small, isolated clutch of apes evolved into humans somewhere in the world, this premise makes no sense. But it's Pixar, so it'll still be better then Ice Age 12: Age of Robots.

He also gave some details about Pete Docter's mind project, saying:
"You look at people oftentimes and they do something to make you go “What are they thinking?” or it’s like how a song gets stuck in your head and you just can’t get it out. Little quirky thing alike this that we all do. Certain emotions just seem to take us over, anger or happiness, where you start giggling and laughing and you can’t stop. He thought “I want to take a look at that, explain that.” His idea is that the emotions of this little girl are the characters and it takes place in the head of this little girl, and shows how they control things that go on. It’s very, very clever and it’s truly unlike anything you’ve ever seen, yet it explains things you’ve seen."
Sounds very Monsters Inc to me. And I'm alright with that. Despite my love of all things terrible lizard, based on these descriptions, I'm looking forward to the mind movie more.

Via /Film.
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