A Plea, in Song, To The "Great Bearded Glacier"

I'll freely admit to only discovering the Song of Ice and Fire when they announced the series back three years ago. Actually, I didn't even care then. It was when they announced Sean Bean and Peter Dinklage (who I've been a fan of since back when he was on Threshold) that I thought, "I should read this stuff." I spent a lot of time travelling last summer, and read books 2-5 on my Kindle while sitting in airports.

And I'm sure as hell glad I didn't discover this thing five, or ten years ago. I'd hate to be anyone who picked up GoT when it was first released. I'd be half mad by now, and the only reason I'm not going crazy over book six is because I've got the series to keep the tremors under control. For as long as that lasts.

I'm a writer, and it takes a long bloodied ass time to write anything. But Martin does put in a lot of extra time into a lot of extra detail that most simply wouldn't. And that is why is better then me, and you. All of the you.

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