Richard Dawson and Kathryn Joosten Die; James Garner Better Go Sit Down

Hogan's Heroes star and Family Feud host Richard Dawson has died after a long battle with cancer.

A colleague of mine and I were talking about Mr. Dawson just the other day, and I'll admit to having believed he was already dead. Of course, I thought Robin Leach was dead, then he turned up in an Old Navy commercial.

While most probably remember him best from molly-grubbing women on the Feud, or as Newcastle on Hogan, I'll always remember him best from his appearances on Match Game, which for those of you who don't know, was a 70's game show that was ostensibly fill-in-the-blank. What it really was, was an excuse for celebrities like Betty White, Charles Nelson Reilly, Dawson, and Marcia Wallace to be filliped, sarcastic, catty, and incredibly dirty on network television.

Kathryn Joosten, on the other hand, was the definition of the 'sweet old lady who could probably kick your ass.' She didn't start acting until she was 55, and managed a constant career as a TV character actor right up until she was cast as the President's secretary Delores Landingham on the West Wing, a role that brought her increased popularity, and netted Martin Sheen an Emmy after he yelled at God when her character was killed off at the end of the second season. The last few years, she'd played a neighbour on Desperate Housewives, and last Sunday, her character died in one of those uncomfortable twists of life imitating art.

I've got no funny quip for the end. I'm just going to rewatch Two Cathedrals.
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