The Robot Uprising Begins In The Prostate

I got to tell you, this looks like fun. When I saw the title, I thought it might be more in line with last year's wonderful Cold Souls, that the movie would be about Frank Langella hanging out with a robot. Instead, his character's name happens to be Frank, and he hangs out with a robot.

It looks both quirky, and full of heart. It has a respectable supporting cast (Langella pairing with his Superman Returns co-star James Marsden, perhaps both trying desperately to forget their roles in making that film a reality). My only reservation is, the trailer seems to give any the entire film. really, it looks like all the plot points get touched on. I hate it when smaller films have to spoil themselves to drum up support. Shouldn't Frank Langella hanging out with a robot be enough?

Shouldn't it? Dammit!
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