This is not the whole cast. Can you spot who is missing?
Ever since an ad executive figured out that the San Diego Comic-Con was basically a corral for the nerdily inclined, every year the studios fill the convention halls with the stars and creative minds behind the next year's 'biggest' movies. Movies like The Avengers get announced there, movies like Paul have huge chunks of their plot revolving around it, panels with entire casts draw in hundreds, if not thousands, who get to stand in line for hours only to find out that all the seats have been taken by fourteen year old girls who want to smell whatever fresh young thing has their pre-hormonal engines heated up. Because of the descent of the studios, many of the properties on display aren't remotely geek, or even genre related, which I gather is a source of much ire for those who just want to hear Billy West's opinion on the Transformers movies.

So, for the 2012 Con, 'big' movies like Iron Man 3, The Hobbit, and Pacific Rim will have a presence, as will shows like Community. Star Trek 2 is probably the biggest film coming out next year not to have a presence. But maybe it got bumped for something better. Something that can draw them in just as well as Spock, but is infinitely more enjoyable.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary, the entire cast of Firefly/Serenity will be appearing in a panel. This is not an announcement of anything, it's just a get-together for some old friends, in front of a house of charged nerds who desperately want to go back to the black, though the press release does tease "many buzz-worthy announcements." And, sitting there with them will be creators Tim Minear and Joss "Give Me All Your Money, All Your Hugs and Kisses Too' Whedon.

If you are thinking of attending, don't. I'll bet good money there is already someone camped out in line. Seriously, this will be so full, the fire marshal will have to moderate the panel. But the footage should be good to see.

Lets just hope it's in a different hall then the Twilight panel. Otherwise, there might be blood.

Via Collider.
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