Stephanie Brown Returns!

This past week, everyone interested in comics is talking about the big reveal going on in Batman #10, which I could actually care less about. The big news that caught my eye is the return of Stephanie Brown, former (and best, in my opinion) Batgirl. And it is unfortunate for two reasons. One, she is not returning to the main New 52 continuity, from which she was apparently erased with extreme prejudice. She will return in, and this is number two, Smallville Season 11.

For those not keeping up, despite the fact that the series was terrible and lasted five or six years longer then it should have, someone at DC decided that Smallville needed to continue in comic form. They, at least, had the good sense to hire Bryan Q. Miller to write it, since he wrote for the show, is talented, and wrote the Stephanie Brown-titled Batgirl series that ran right up to the relaunch.

So, when it was announced that Batman would be making his first appearance in the Smallville universe, who else would Miller make as his side-kick then Steph? But she's not Batgirl. Or Robin, even. She's Nightwing, which will apparently be explained.

Now, despite Poppy Montgomery cos-playing as Babs, I much prefer Steph in the cape and cowl. I prefer her as a paper doll, and I've ruminated on who should play her in a film. Mostly though, I thought she was a refreshing addition to the Bat family, who can very easily get bogged down in self doubt, depression, and emotional turmoil. Steph kept it light, and fun, and even when things were at their worst, she could crack a joke. She was like Buffy, or Spider-man; using the humour to relieve the stress.

That being said, I hated Smallville. I was glad that plans to introduce a young Bruce Wayne never came to anything (though I hate that, in their desperation, they then turned to another favourite character of mine, Green Arrow, to take up the space). Smallville was a waste of opportunity, characterised by horrible writing, sub-par acting and gross misunderstandings of iconic character motivations. I haven't read word one of Season 11, but I might just pick up issue 11 next month, the first part of "Detective", and see how Steph makes out.

Something is better then nothing, I guess.

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