Tom Hiddleston Loves Jurassic Park. I Love Him - It! I Love It, Too

I said 'it'. Nothing else. Definitely.

If you qualify your favourite movie as something you could watch nine times in a row, and loves it just as much, or more, the ninth time as you did the first, mine is definitely Jurassic Park. It's the movie I put in if I can't think of anything else. I usually try to have it on in the background, but always end up ignoring the thing I should be doing to watch the whole thing.

Also, screw Michael Fassbender. Tom Hiddleston kicks every bit of his ass with just his eyebrows, which someone recently told me were "carved from joy," whatever that means.

His raptor impression made me feel things no human has ever made me feel before. Now I'm uncomfortable.

And tense.

Via The Mary Sue.
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