Trailer Tuesday: Django Unchained

Here's the first trailer for Quentin Tarantino's ode to the spaghetti western, because apparently the only thing Tarantino is capable of making are odes, not actual films. The trailer is the usual "look at me, I'm crazy" you expect from Tarantino, and which is becoming increasingly tiresome. And, I feel that it gives too much away of the actual plot (which has always seemed secondary to the visual in his films). Most disappointingly, the trailer doesn't feel like a western. It feels like a Tarantino movie where everybody dresses up as cowboys. I'm sure it will be fun, his movies usually are in some way, and I'm sure it will be something people will discuss and dissect for years to come.

Like this article from /Film, concerning how Hitler's death in Inglorious Basterds changed pop culture in Tarantino's other films, though I would exclude Jackie Brown from the Taratinoverse; it exists in the Cinematic Elmore Leonard universe, comprised of it, Out of Sight, Karen Sisco, and Justified (possibly also 3:10 to Yuma and Get Shorty, but the others are interconnected, while these are not. They're just good).

I will say this for Django. It has Nash Bridges cos-playing as Col. Saunders.
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