Trailer Tuesday: Wreck-It Ralph

Here is the first trailer for Disney's video game film, Wreck-It Ralph.

And I'm disappointed. I don't know why, I was never told so, or otherwise, but when they said it was going to be like Roger Rabbit, but with video games, I thought they might show some originality, and have the characters animated in the style they came from.  So, 8-bit characters are blocky, 64-bit characters are flat but detailed, and modern characters are advanced CG. Why else release the teaser poster in 8-bit style? That would have fun, and clever, and nostalgic while also being fresh.

Instead, what we get is another banal looking, Dreamworks/Sony/Disney standard animated film. Popular, but pointless, music overlaid on the standard action beats. Sure, the (cliched) support group scene looks fun, but I get the feeling that, unlike Roger Rabbit, that stuff will be isolated, and the majority of the film will feature original characters. Disney should have been looking for a way to stand out from Pixar's far superior (both written and looking) movies, or just give up.

Hit the jump for some official pictures from the film, and footage of an arcade game created to promote the film, which I like the look of more then the actual film.

Via /Film.
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