Tyler Perry In Tyler Perry's Alex Cross, With Tyler Perry

I've actually got nothing against Tyler Perry. I've never seen any of the Medea movies, but her wasn't terrible in Star Trek (yeah, it's been one of those days), for the five lines of dialogue he had.

The Alex Cross series was the one of Patterson's books that I read, up to the eigth or ninth, then I lost the way. I really liked the film Kiss the Girls, and hated Along Came A Spider. Morgan Freeman was excellent, but he would be excellent spreading peanut butter on a saltine.

Perry is closer in age to Cross at the start of the series, but that doesn't mean he'll be better. John C. McGinley is in it though, so that's got to count for something. But the rest of the cast seems to be designed to be as inoffensive and bland that I doubt this will be much more then a buy the numbers, utterly forgetable who-dunnit-it, where you know who-dunnit-it. Just like the novels.

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