Watch Rexy, Understand You Aren't As Good As This

Aenima is calling this a trailer for their forthcoming film Pangea: the Neverending World, but at seven and a half minutes, this is essentially a short film called Rexy. And it's wonderful. The animals are beautifully rendered, and the world of an infant T. rex wonderfully realised, especially considering that it isn't a Walking With Dinosaurs, hyper realistic sort of film, but more cartoony. Other then a couple scientific quibbles (butterflies didn't exist during the Cretaceous; Spinosaurus didn't co-exist with Tyrannosaurs, geographically or temporally, etc.), I really enjoyed this film.

And it makes me sad, for two reasons. First, the official description of the Pangea film sounds just awful, basically Night at the Museum without the subtly. And second, when Pixar announced The Good Dinosaur, this was what I was hoping for. I had hoped that Pixar was going to turn their exceptional story telling techniques, and make the first genuine dinosaur film, set during the age, without humans, or time travel, or all the talking nonsense of Disney's Dinosaur. Essentially, the first half of WALLe, but with these beautiful creatures in place of robots. Using body language and subtly to express emotion. To silently establish relationships and tell a story, without relying on voice over narration to explain what is happening. Instead, we're getting what we're getting: another dinosaurs co-existing with humans film.

I hold out a hope that someone, someday, might make a period dinosaur piece that isn't a nature documentary, but also isn't some horrible mess.

I think my standards are too high.

Via Dinosaur Tracking.
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