Whom So Ever Sees This Cover, If He Be Worthy, Might Come Up With A GoT/Thor Pun. Because I Can't

You know what I love most about this Chinese GoT Season 2 box 'art'? It's not that Sean Bean is featured twice on the box, despite not appearing in the second season at all. It's not that his face has been photoshopped (poorly) onto the body of Thor, suggesting the Chinese translation for 'sword and socercy' is very close to 'hammer and capes'. No, it's what appears to be Horatio Hornblower looking stalwart over Robb's shoulder. Because, screw it, why not. I'm sure all these images are the first things to pop up when google imaging 'British costume drama'.

Or, equally, 'random shit.' That could help explain the legion of doom in the bottom right hand corner.

Via The Mary Sue.
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