X-Men Re-imagined

Erik, Charles and a Sentinel
Dresden Codak is actually Aaron Diaz, an artist of considerable talent, and apparently considerable re-imagination. I first heard of him when he re-imagined the Justice League last fall. His interpretation was both familiar enough to the original characters that they didn't feel like they were made from whole cloth, but different enough that they didn't seem like tired, unimaginative rehashes. So, pretty much the opposite of what happened with the New 52. I especially liked what he did with Superman and Wonder Woman.

So, when he turned his eyes recently to the X-Men, I got excited. Part of what I liked about his Justice League reboot was that he didn't just design the heroes costumes (hello Jim Lee and Geoff Johns), he re-invented the entire universe, building in a mythology that it made sense for the characters to exist in, rather then painting things with broad strokes and generalities. And he has done so again with the X-Men.

I love that Nightcrawler now looks like Inigo Montoya, and his Jean Grey interpretation might be the most original thing done to her character in 40 years. I highly recommend you jump over to his tumbler and give his reboot a read.

And just when I thought that would be the best redesign of the X-Men I'd see today, Ken Haesner went and did the Muppets as the so called M-Men.

Hit the jump to see both the Codak and the Muppet redesigns.

Rogue, Storm, Jean, and Kitty

Scott, Piotr and Warren
Wanda, Alex, Magneto, Hank and Toad
Kurt, Logan and Emma

Via Indistinguishable From Magic, and The Mary Sue.
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