A Small Child Is Better Then You, Names Joss Whedon 'Gerald'

My Dark Knight Rises review won't be up until later this week, because I couldn't get tickets to see it until Tuesday. In the mean time, here is a video made of pure joy.

Do you read Axe Cop? Cause I didn't, then I did, and it is awesome. True story. This web series is basically the same idea as Axe Cop, in so much as, it's a small child, and he makes up stories at the urging of two oddly unexplained men. Someone darker then I might read more into that, except I was too busy being distracted by the hilarity of Dave Foley playing a milkman, Kate "The Gooch" Miccui as A Lady, and Joss Whedon as Gerald.

Via Topless Robot.
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