Bachelorette is Bridesmaids' Darker, More "I'll Cut You" Cousin

Judging from the reactions, I think I must have been the only person who hated Bridesmaids. I thought it was another example of the Apatow comedy style, with too thin, or too meandering a plot, and that if they had zeroed in on a single narrative to follow from top to bottom, it would have actually been a movie instead of the vignette style comedy free for all, where some gags find their feet, and others flounder on the floor like a sedated cat. I didn't find it particularly original, or ground breaking, and I barely laughed. That and afterwards, I realised that Rose Bryne was the hero, and Kristen Whig was the villain, and it blew my mind.

So, I step into Bachelorette with trepidation, because I had a lot previewing buzz gearing me up for Bridesmaids. Bachelorette has Lizzy Caplan, James Marsden and Adam Scott, so already it wins the 'cast I enjoy more' prize, though it also has Isla Fisher and Kirsten Dunst, both of whom I'm not fans of (I've never seen Dunst in a role I've enjoyed. She kills movie joy). It's also supposed to be dark, and I like dark. But the trailer... I don't know... I just don't know.

Via /Film.
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