Bill Nye... Still the Science Guy

Yesterday, I talked about how, in the 1980's, Carl Sagan inspired an entire generation of physicists, astronomers, astrophysicists, engineers, chemists, and thousands of people working in fields not related to science, to better understand, and respect science.

Today, I talk about how, in the 1990's, Bill Nye was that guy. He, was in fact, the Science Guy. He was the Mythbusters of his day, except he didn't explode things as often. And there was singing, which I think we can all be thankful for that Mythbusters doesn't end each episode with a Weird Al style parody.

Though, if Weird Al were to join Mythbusters to do a science related parody at the end of every episode, I think that would be the greatest thing ever. Seriously, can you think of a TV show that would be more fun then that?

Anyway, Bill Nye, who is actually an engineer, is back, and explaining science to us through the miracle of Modern Technology. And the man hasn't changed a bit. He is just as goofy, and serious, and awesome as ever. And who else can pull off an off-blue lab coat? Who else wears an off-blue lab coat?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I intend on wasting the rest of my afternoon watching the rest of these.

Via The Mary Sue.
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