Browncoats United

The Firefly/Serenity Reunion panel, the one whose lineup is reaching past my house 3000 miles away, will be televised. So, you can go sit down.

The Science Channel in the US, the first network to air every episode of Firefly, in order, including the unaired episodes from the DVD, and who is sponsoring this panel, will film the entire thing, plus special exclusive interviews with the cast afterwards to air as a one hour special called Browncoats United on November 11th. The exclusive interviews "promises to unearth defining memories and first-person accounts of making the show from both sides of the camera". I'm always in favour of hearing more about how they made the show, but ten years on, how many stories are left that haven't been told at conventions, on commentaries, in special features, on talk shows and podcasts?

You know what we need? New memories. That's the ticket.

Via The Mary Sue.
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