Captain America and Thor Sequels Have Casts

Captain America: The Winter Solider has confirmed two cast members joining Chris Evans in the modern day set follow up to both Captain America and The Avengers. The first is a returning cast member, Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes, who died in the first film, but anyone who is able to google "The Winter Solider" knows something everyone else doesn't. The other announcement is Anthony Mackie, seen in films such as The Hurt Locker, and The Adjustment Bureau, as The Falcon, famously forgotten as Marvel's first African American superhero.

Back a while ago, when I was making baseless casting suggestions for future Marvel movies, I suggested that LeVar Burton should play Falcon, as an older SHIELD or Stark scientist who could function as a Q to Cap's Bond, and effectively replace Howard Stark as Cap's equipment guy. Marvel obviously went in a different direction age wise, but I think I should still get points for correctly guessing that Falcon would appear in a Captain America movie.

Thor: The Dark World, which I now believe should actually be called The Dark Realm, because that sounds less stupid, has been the subject of much musing about the internets, and most people have agreed that the title more then likely refers to Svartalfheim, realm of the Dark Elves, and the seventh branch of the World Tree. While it is ruled by Alflyse in the comics, it was once controlled by Malekith the Accused, whose goal was to conquer the Nine Realms, including Earth and Asgard. This was the role that many assume Mads Mikkelsen was signed on for before he backed out.

If any of this turns out to be true, I approve.

Via ComicsAlliance and Den of Geek.
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