The Dark Knight Will Make Your Urine Levels Rise

The Dark Knight Rises will be 164 minutes and 27 seconds, or shy of three hours. Making it the longest of the three Nolan films (actually, of any Batman movie). So, don't go for the big gulp, OK?

Also, over a year ago, Chris Sims over at ComicsAlliance, along with David Uzumeri, took a good long look at every Batman movie ever made. This was after they reviewed every episode of Smallville Season 10, and just before they started looking at every Superman movie, and every Blade film (looks like next they'll be doing X-Men). Their reviews are funny, but also very in depth, especially when they got around to The Dark Knight.

Considering how connected, and how pervasive the imagery and themes of the Nolan pictures are, you might want to head on over and give the reviews a read before you settle down into The Dark Knight Rises, so you don't miss anything.

If for no other reason then, until I read these reviews I never realized that everything Alfred says in the films, comes true. So, be on the look out for that.

Via Den of Geek.
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