Dinosaurs vs. Aliens Has Both Of Those Things

Director Barry Sonnenfield had a dream. A dream of a world in which intelligent dinosaurs fought a battle against invading aliens in the prehistoric world. A dream that comic book writer Grant Morrison would help him craft this world, and that it would eventually be turned into a motion comic series from Yahoo.

So, I guess, his dreams have pretty much come true. I read the free comic book day issue of Dinosaurs vs. Aliens, and it was alright. Certainly not spectacular, but different. Despite the fact that there is no scientific evidence to support it (fiction is allowed a certain amount of wiggle room), I kind of dug the idea that dinosaurs had a dolphin level of intelligence that manifested as tribal behaviour.

I don't like motion comics. I'd much rather watch an actual cartoon then a picture with moving eyes. If I wanted to see that, I'd go to an Edwardian dinner party with a mysterious host, and a shocking murder.

Via /Film.
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