Drew Struzan To Come Out Of Retirement

Courtesy of Drew Struzan
 Some of you might be thinking, "who?" Others might be thinking "how on Earth did this much peanut butter get in there?" I haven't got an answer for the second one, but the first is easy. Drew Struzan was one of the most prolific movie poster artists of the eighties and nineties. In my personal collection, a good dozen are examples of Struzan's works. He had a close relationship with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, doing the artwork for all six Star Wars films, all four Indiana Jones movies, the first four Muppet movies, and all three Back to the Future films, as well as dozens more films.

This was before photoshop, and it became easier just to tack a couple floating heads above the title, or cut and paste (and smooth out) the actors without them having to be in the room together. This was a time before teaser posters, and a dozen 'clip footage' releases. This was when a poster was the primary public face of a film, and it was treated with respect and admiration. Want a briefer example of this, see the scene in The Mist where the main character's art was destroyed by the storm, and he complains that the studio will just slap something together. The poster Thomas Jane was 'working' on? Painted by Dan Struzan.

In 2008, Struzan retired. Since then, he was done odd jobs, mostly as background work for films (see The Mist). Lately, he's been licensing these works to Mondo, the boutique at the Alamo Drafthouse, to amazing success. So much success that Struzan is coming out of retirement to work with Mondo on some unannounced projects. Projects I greatly look forward to.

Hit the jump for a small collection of (hopefully familiar) examples of Struzan's work.

Via /Film. And if you want to check out more of Struzan's work, this guy has put together a pretty complete index.
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