Firefly 10th Anniversary Panel Will Remind You Of Better Days

So, when they said the entire cast would attend the 10th anniversary panel for Firefly, turns out it was just Tudyk, Baldwin, Glau, Maher, and Fillion. But that any of them, plus Minear and Joss Whedon, appeared at all still makes for an hour of fun. That and the camera man getting punched with excitement after Whedon was introduced.

I think it speaks to how much, not the fans loving the creators, but the creators loving the fans, that they all came out with cameras running pointing towards the audience. That Fillion had to keep from breaking down emotionally. That each of them has such clear recollections of minutia that occurred while working for half a year, a decade ago.

People whine all the time that "it was cancelled, it wasn't that good. let it go". Except it was that good, and not just because of the stories it told, or the manner in which it told them. The show, on screen and off, behind the scenes and in the hearts of millions, was a force for good. Like Star Trek in the 60's, it's existence, and it's cancellation, brought people and still brings people together. And I'll never be ashamed for being a fan.

And remember, Star Trek was cancelled too. And that worked out pretty well for them.
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