[Graphic] - Fits and Starts #5

Hit the jump for some musings.

This idea was born whole, like Athena, from my skull after the second time I saw The Dark Knight, and realised that every creepy thing the Joker said could also be a line in a cheesy used car dealership commercial.

Despite being #5, this was actually the first Fits and Starts I made, I was just waiting for Batman. Thus some of the wires might be showing. As opposed to the great works of art the other ones were? Yes, thank you internal critical voice, I get it. Things are mostly rubbish. Go back to silently, yet knowingly, judging how much I spend on Muppet related EBay purchases. I'm not that silent. That's it, back in the cage! One more word, and somebody's getting the sack.

Some people, huh?
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