He Only Had To Stay There For As Long As It Was Funny, And It Wasn't Funny Anymore

Christopher Nolan purposefully left out any mention of the Joker from The Dark Knight Rises, out of respect to Heath Ledger. What it did was create a massive question mark in the middle of the 'plot', and all through the film, I kept asking, what is the Joker doing during all this? The above page was scanned by MTV from the official novelisation of the film, by Greg Cox, and in one sentence, explains his absence. In perfect Joker fashion.

Walking out of Rises, all I could think was that Joker's reaction to Bane's actions would have been more proactive then Batman's. Because Bane wasn't about chaos, he was about installing his own rules, the Joker would rebel against him just as hard as he had Gotham and the mob. Which was one of the reasons that I assumed the Joker had been 'removed', because Bane wouldn't have lasted a day if Joker had been around. Joker wouldn't have cared about a bomb going off, and would have single handedly taken down the League of Shadows just out of spite.

And that's a movie I would have much prefered to see then the one we got.

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