Hell Yes

The boy above is six year old Zachery, who is currently undergoing treatment for leukemia. The Make-A-Wish Foundation reported his wish to "meet, and become, Hellboy", his favourite movie character. The wish was forwarded to Spectral Motion, the special effects studio that worked on the two Hellboy films, and did the Hellboy makeup itself.
They, in turn, contacted Ron Perlman, who played Hellboy in those films, and in a couple animated features, and in the video game Science of Evil, who didn't hesitate for a moment to endure the four hour procedure of being turned into Mike Mignola's creation, a procedure that he so hates that it pretty much guaranteed no Hellboy 3. And then he and Zachery hung out for the day. Apparently, Zachery was later made up to look like Hellboy himself.
Everything about this story is fantastic, and awesome, and wonderful. And we can add Ron Perlman to the list with Johnny Depp and Tom Baker of actors willing to go out of their way to make kids feel fantastic, and awesome, and wonderful.

Hit the jump to see a couple more pictures, including one of little Hellboy.
Via Topless Robot.
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