He's A Faceless One! Kill Him With Fire And Ice!

Accents are another thing all together when doing impressions. Accents are about pronunciation, not about pitch and timbre. The thing about impressions is that, generally speaking, there is a range of sounds that anyone can make around the natural pitch and timbre of their voice. They can go up, and they can go down within a certain range, which makes certain voices or sounds easier to mimic. The truly impressive impressionists are those that can make sounds outside of their range.

There are certain impressions I can do, and despite a deeper voice, they tend to nestle around the Dr. Evil/Kermit the Frog/Neil Young while singing range. Though I can go as high as Mickey Mouse, and as low as Morgan Freeman.

But this kid put me to shame. I once trained myself in eleven separate voices from The Simpsons, but some were pretty rough, and most were just repeating lines of dialogue from the show. This kid, especially his Ned Stark and Jorah Mormont, is just plain impressive. I'd be interested to here what he really sounds like, to see how far outside of himself he's reaching.

Via The Mary Sue.
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