I Think We Would All Like A Jelly Baby At This Point

Tom Baker might be returning to Doctor Who.

That's the action, here comes the pause. This might not happen. I know that's a little like saying "we're going to get a pet", only for it to be a pet rock, but it's important to note that neither Steven Moffat, Tom Baker, or the BBC have made this announcement. It was picked up from a story in the Daily Express, and the Blastr article erroneously uses words like 'definately' when it should be using words like 'might be'.

But, if true, it makes sense. Baker famously refused to take part int eh Five Doctors 20th anniversary special, having just departed the show after seven years, making him the longest serving, and best known, and for many, most loved, Doctor in the shows history. His tenure was the final change over from sciencey thriller show to action adventurey show. His Doctor was the most alien of all the incarnations, the most volatile, the most humane, and the most eccentric. So much of what went wrong with the show in the later years was the BBC trying to get back what they had during Baker's days.

Now, to get around the fact that he is quiet a bit older, and fatter then when he left the show three decades ago, and I think the 50th is shaping up nicely. Though, really, 8th needs some love.

Via Blastr.
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