Marvel Intends To Guard The Galaxy. We'll Look Like Ant-man From Up There

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So, while DC flops around in the mud like a fish sucking it's last, desperately hoping to get back into the water, Marvel snags our line, breaks it, and steals our very best lure. Sorry, it's summer, and I want very much to be on a piece of water.

Last week, Marvel was keeping itself busy registering and trademarking various products, websites, and promotional materials under the name Guardians of the Galaxy, which is a pretty sure sign that it's getting made. This is not surprising at all, since, despite the Avengers reaching into the pockets of hard working folk like myself and taking everything it can find, all Kevin Feige seems to be able to talk about are these damned Guardians.

And it represents a pretty big risk. If they went with a magical entity, like Dr. Strange, there is a portion of the public who recognises the characters. And there is a portion of the public that wouldn't, but really digs fantasy movies about wizards. It's a pretty safe bet to do Hulk level business. Not blockbuster, but profitable. Guardians is a different beast. No one knows who they are. They have zero public recognition. Only die hard fans of the (obscure) comic could identify them as a team, let alone individually. Which means Marvel will have to do a lot of public education  if they expect to get bottoms in the seats.

Failing that, the premise is a straight up, honest to gods science fiction space thriller. As genre which has not been helped of late by the clumsiness of Prometheus. Star Trek 2 will do damage control on that, but not too many science fiction movies go the Star Wars route any more. They go the District 9, Battle: LA, Super 8, Attack the Block route. Not a lot of space in those space movies. Which is a damned shame, because it's one of my favourite genres.

If this is true, and the Guardians will be coming to our screens, it seems they will be the second of the 2014 movies on the schedule, the one currently listed as TBA. Thanos will more then likely be the villain, and the movie will be the direct lead into Avengers 2, which will also feature Thanos. So, it'll lead like Cap, and carry over the baddie like Thor. It seems to me that Marvel knows exactly what it is doing.

Also, there is a rumour going around that Edgar Wright will be shooting a teaser for Ant-man which will be the post-credit on Iron Man 3, pretty much forcing Wright to make that damned movie already. Win, lose or draw, man, it's been nearly five years. In your own time, already.

Via /Film.
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