Mary Tamm, The First Time Lady, Has Died

Courtesy of the BBC
 Following a prolonged battle against cancer, actress Mary Tamm has passed away at the age of 62. Tamm is best known as the first actress to play the role of Romana, the first proper Time Lady, and the second (and to date, last) female Gallifreyan seen on the series. She remained with the show for a single season with the Fourth Doctor, from '78 to '79, during the Key To Time arc.

Tamm joined the show when script editor Douglas Adams made it clear that Romana wouldn't be a damsel in distress, and indeed at the start she was clearly the smarter, and the more cautious of the pair. Over the course of the season though, the room began to conform more to the 'standard' model'. This shift, along with her pregnancy, resulted in her leaving the show.

This news has particularly stuck me, as Tamm always topped my list of favourite companions, and I much preferred her over her successor. While it is always sad when someone dies, it is particularly sad when it comes just over a month after the death of Caroline John, and just over a year after both Elizabeth Sladen and Nicholas Courtney, all of cancer.

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