Men In Black 4 Is A Thing That Is Happening

Sony made a health amount of money with Men In Black 3, and surprised everyone with it also being pretty enjoyable. So, it makes perfect sense that they would want more money, by making MIB4.

Now, the obvious studio decision is to include Will Smith as many more times as he'll come back for, but am I wrong in thinking the smarter move, from a narrative direction, is to drop Smith and move the series into the past, following Josh Brolin's younger Kay. They've got an entire cast, with Alice Eve as his female partner (first female agent, maybe?), David Rasche as X, and Bill Hader as W. None of them had anything to do in 3, so much so that it felt like a set up for a sequel. They could go the route of the X-Men First Class films, and move up through the decades, until they catch up with the original.

Because how many more times can we go over the same basic plot and have it be fun? The past suggests two out of three times.

Via Den of Geek.
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