Nick Offerman Is A Better Man Then You: He's A Swanson

I am so sorry. So, so sorry. But I had to... How could I not?
Nick Offerman, the man behind the moustache that is Ron Swanson, has done a fantastic interview with GQ, which you will now go and read here. Go on. OK, for those that didn't, I've pulled my favourite quotes. I can think of no better way to end the week then basking in the glow of this man's advice.
  • I've learned through experience that to trouble celebrities with my handshake doesn't do anybody any good.
  • [Concerning Community boss Dan Harmon's firing] I think Dan is brilliant, but we all kind of hung our heads and thought, That's no way for a boss to behave.
  • You always have to have the tools you might need in the eventuality of a flat tire or a broken window. In the traditional role of man, it falls to you to keep the weather out and fish in the boat.
  • Having manners was equivalent to a superpower in the [movie] business.
  • [After the size of his penis was compared to the size of his truck] I actually haul trees that I cut with my chainsaw, ma'am. And my genitals are perfectly adequate.
  • Learn to do something with your hands. Ladies and men alike find handcrafting to be really sexy.
  • Of course smartphones are brilliant inventions, but the nefarious thing about Twitter and other social media is that it starts to fill all the gaps in your day. I quickly become an addict.
  • It's not that different from any relationship where you live with someone: At some point they're going to get on your tits and you need to rise above it. [Author's note: unless they leave crab meat everywhere. In which case, frak them].
  • Grab yourself by your bootstraps and do it yourself, jerk [in context, it's about Twitter, but really, that's just the best #1 rule to life there can be. Maybe "don't fight bears", but certainly it's in the top five.]

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