Not So Much Unexpected, As A Well Planned Journey

There is a rule to the internet, that as soon as you post something, more information will immediately become available elsewhere. So, when I posted the Hobbit Comic-Con poster the other day, it was just a temptation for the studio to go ahead and release the above image, which gives away every major plot point of the first of the two films. EW has an interactive version where you can zoom in on details with an annoying magnifying glass thing here.

Few things: I expect each of these images to be it's own poster at some point, though the only two that gets me going are the first image of Gandalf at Bag-End, and him with the bear. Which leads to my continued amazement that, considering they cut Tom Bombadil from the Fellowship a decade ago, that they including Beorn in the Hobbit. I suppose every thing's better with bears.

Third, this poster clearly shows the movie's redesign on the Wargs, which Peter Jackson got in shit over after Two Towers because he made the wolves look like hyenas. He has an out, since they were Southern Wargs, and these are Northern ones. Del Toro had went on record when he was directing that the wolves would look like wolves, and I guess Jackson didn't disagree. I like these designs more.

Fourth, to anyone who has read the books, we now know exactly what will happen in the film. The only surprise left would be additional material with the White Council.

Finally, the Hobbit was the first real novel I ever read by myself. It was given to me when I was young by a family member, who loved it, and thought I should to. And when I reached that point that all children do, when they want to feast on the words and images, and don't want to rely on someone else, I picked up the Hobbit first. I read it on the bus to and from school. I read it during recess. I read it at night, and when I was done, I knew I had read something great. I went on to read Verne and Wells and Doyle, and tried my hand at Dickens, and the world of the written world opened up to me, and from that moment on there wasn't anything I've wanted to do more then create in the same way. I read good books, and I read many bad books, but until I read Douglas Adams, I never read a better book. The Hobbit was my favourite book in the world, because as far as I was concerned, it was the first book in the world, and it still sits at number two on my list. There are worse ways to fall in love with literature.

My point is, I've been waiting for this movie since the day I finished the book all those years ago. And it amazes me they included the bear.

Hobbit Lego will be released in early December.

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