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The "author" is taking a week off, to rest, relax, and maybe kill off some aquatic life. And he's doing this far way from the so called internet. So, in place of two day old news, angry, judgy reviews, and long, rambling opinions on how people, far more successful then he'll ever be, suck, he's going to post one of his favourite episodes of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 each day. He'll be back next week to be long winded and judgy.

I think the best thing you can say about 1997's Future War is an observation made by one of the Bots in the episode: "It's not the future, and there is no war." Episode four of season ten, which would be MST3K's last, was a perfect example of the show's Sci-Fi channel era, and of the show in general. The movie is beyond terrible, to the extent that cast and crew noted while it was being made that it would end up on the show. And, inexplicably, there are dinosaurs.

Not good ones, by any stretch of the imagination.
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