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The "author" is taking a week off, to rest, relax, and maybe kill off some aquatic life. And he's doing this far way from the so called internet. So, in place of two day old news, angry, judgy reviews, and long, rambling opinions on how people, far more successful then he'll ever be, suck, he's going to post one of his favourite episodes of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 each day. He'll be back next week to be long winded and judgy.

Werewolf, episode four of season nine, was a 1996 film starring a cast whose grasp of the English language could be described as "tenuous at best." It was one of several films mocked by Mike and the Bots to star Joe Estevez, who, until Charlie, was the member of the Sheen/Estevez clan everyone was least likely to admit actually was related to them. It also holds the record of being the movie to make it on the show the quickest, appearing only two years after it's release. Like many, many films the show featured, it is more well known for it's appearance here then on it's own. And honestly, can you blame it?
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