[Review] - Warehouse 13 Season 4, Episode 1, "A New Hope"

Previously on Warehouse 13...

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Warehouse 13 has always been the more light hearted of SyFy's shows, tending to take itself less seriously then either Eureka or the very dour Alphas. The tongue is pretty firmly stuck in the proverbial cheek. Which was why the darkness of the premier took me by surprise. But really, how could it not be dark? Several of the team are dead, the warehouse destroyed, and the world tearing itself apart. But by episode's end, I got the feeling that darkness is to be a reoccurring theme this season. It is my hope that the darkness won't completely overwhelm the show.

This was Artie's hour, and perhaps even Artie's year, and I'm alright with that. It was Saul Rubinek's involvement that got me watching in the first place, and he has remained my favourite character, and favourite actor in the cast. Seeing him step into the heroic role usually reserved for Pete was refreshing. And it meant that we got to see action Artie, bumbling Artie, and oh god, what have I done Artie all in the same forty minute block.

The prophecy, 'a darkness of your own making', I'm sure will be explained, but as it stands, I don't see how it could apply to Claudia. She is the logical choice to play Artie's nemesis, since no two characters are as close as they are, as exemplified by their fantastic scenes hunting down the artifact of the week in the wine cellar. But her darkness was already building inside of her after the death of Jinks last season. How is that Artie's fault. Was it Artie who put Jinks under cover? I thought it was Mrs Frederic?

The episode itself was Dan Brown-lite, a treasure hunt on a ticking clock. The team went international, which is always nice to see, and they took into account travel time, which is a nice detail to notice. Speaking of detail, that the commercial breaks were punctuated by images of the burning wreckage of the warehouse was a hoot.

But it did have it's problems. I don't know how long it takes to get from the warehouse to Leena's, but the turmoil of the destruction of hope seems to happen very quickly, with the stock exchange bottoming out, and mass suicide taking place in the time it takes to run to the store and buy some milk. And I think that some lines might be assigned to the wrong folks in those early scenes, as Myka coldly reminds everyone that people die sometimes, then is relatively chipper for the rest of the episode, while Claudia takes on the darker tone. Brent Spiner is utterly wasted was a monk trying to stop Artie, and delivers what will no doubt be this season's thesis. The death of Sykes was also inexplicable, but that has tended to be the series way of dealing with the previous season's big bad: kill them with little explanation in the first episode back. Except H.G., they just keep killing her.

Was Myka's lament about losing people they love, while her eyes get all far off and distancy a direct reference to H.G.? If so, would that be confirming what has so far been subtext and innuendo? I have no problem with it one way or the other, and with Jinks the show has already had a gay character, so it wouldn't be revolutionary for the series. Myka's being gay (or more likely bisexual) wouldn't seem gimmicky, since they've done an excellent job building her and H.G.'s relationship over the course of several years, including betrayal and reconciliation. Since H.G's sacrifice last season was undone, does this mean we'll be seeing more of her this season? Jaime Murray has been cast in another Toronto filmed series for SyFy, I know, but that wouldn't necessarily restrict her from making guest appearances now and again, would it? I for one was happy when she returned in season three, and hoped they could undo her death somehow, especially considering that the Warehouse 12 spin off seems to be spinning it's wheels.

I'm glad to have it back, and I hope this season won't get too down on itself, and will contain more then enough random cameos from genre stars of the past, and maybe even something for Leena to do this year (how that character survived past season one is the biggest mystery on this show).
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