Several Dead At Batman Screening In Colorado

Image courtesy of CBS News/AP, photo by Ed Andrieski
 This is terrible.

A masked gunman has killed at least a dozen people during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, in Aurora, Colorado last night. Reports early this morning placed the total number of people killed in this attack, which occurred approximately half an hour into the film, at 12, though that number could be as high as 14. A further fifty people were hurt during the attack, by either stray bullets, tear gas, or during the ensuing panic.

Suspect James Holmes, 24, surrendered to police behind the theatre without resistance. Reports by those in the theatre say that a man wearing a gas mask entered screening room 9 at around 12:30 am, and released what is thought to be a canister of tear gas. Several movie goers thought it was part of a stunt, as the film has as it's main villain, a terrorist. The release of the gas was quickly followed by several shot fired into the audience, and the ceiling.

Several of the victims of the attack were children, the youngest being a three month old child who was later released from hospital. A total of six victims were taken to the nearby Children's Hospital, with no further details available. Six area hospitals received wounded and critical patients after the event.

Police recovered four weapons, two pistols, a shotgun, and an assault rifle, as well as a gas mask, military grade body armour and unidentified explosives, from the theatre, and suspects car, which had been parked strategically outside the nearest emergency exit. Police believe the attack was heavily planned. When police arrived at Holmes place of residence in Denver, they found it to be heavily booby trapped, and promptly evacuated the surrounding neighbours. There is the suggestion it could take days to safely enter the home.

President Obama commented on the tragedy during a speech at Fort Myer, Florida this morning, saying
"There are going to be other days for politics," Mr. Obama said. "This, I think, is a day for prayer and reflection." Mitt Romney also commented, saying "during this time of deep shock and immense grief. We expect that the person responsible for this terrible crime will be quickly brought to justice."

Police aren't commenting is the shooting had anything to do with the film itself, though that is unlikely. Holmes reportedly dropped out of the Colorado University School of Medicine last month. The theatre reportedly had a capacity of 300 people, and was expected to be full. More then likely, Holmes was simply targeting what he knew would be a heavily crowded and isolated area.

Via CBS News.
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