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The second season ended only a couple months ago, and we've got the better part of a year before we start seeing anything from season three, but Game of Thrones is getting ready to begin production on the forthcoming season in the coming weeks. Expect the trickle of news to start sometime around the show's Comic-con appearance, and not stop until the credits role next spring.

And to start with, we have two new cast members. Clive Russell, known from both of the Guy Richie Sherlock Holmes', and from a brief stint on Coronation Street, will play Catelyn's brother, Brynden,"The Blackfish".

Charlotte Hope, a new British television actress, having appeared on Waking the Dead, will be playing a character called Myranda. There is a character by that name in the books, but she's not introduced until book four, which is at least two seasons away. So either she's getting moved up (the most likely) or she's playing someone else (less likely).

There is also a rumour that Mackenzie Crook, of the British Office, and the first three Pirates movies (the fellow with the wooden eye) might have a role, but nothing has been confirmed.

And that will be the song of the next six months. Nothing has been confirmed.

Via Den of Geek.
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