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Courtesy of the Jim Henson Company
Jim Henson Company, and DHX Media are teaming up to make a new animated series titled the Doozers. If that sounds familiar, they were the tiny green workers that filled Fraggle Rock, building large constructions that Fraggles would eat, forcing the Doozers to build new ones. They represented a stable ecosystem on the show, as well as being the counter to the Fraggle's more hippy-like behaviour, as exemplified in their line from the shows theme, "work your cares away, dancing's for another day." No word on what the series will be about.

Fun fact: of the original three Muppet shows, Fraggle Rock is the only one that the Jim Henson Company still owns the rights to.

Reports are that Michael Fassbender will be playing Desmond in a film version of Assassin's Creed. I've never played a minute of the games, so I have no idea who Desmond is, or what he does. Chartered Accountancy, if the title is any indication. I'm also a much bigger fan of Tom Hiddleston then Fassbender, so I'm having a hard time getting excited about this.

But according to the link below, Kristen Bell plays a role in the game, and the character was designed based on her appearance, and advocates that she be cast in that role for the film. I would approve of this, and might get my interest up. Until then, that is all.

Via /Film, and Topless Robot.
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