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Because of San Diego, a lot of little pieces of news are dripping out of the firmament. Here are some things:

- That armour above is the official reveal of the Mark VIII suit that Tony will be wearing in Iron Man 3. It is not good. If Joss Whedon thought the triangle from Iron Man 2 was "ass" because it wasn't iconic, I wonder what thoughts he might have for them funking with the colour scheme. Seriously though, the crusty mustard colour is way too muted, and way too prevalent. Unless it's meant to be a camo-scheme (in which case, why keep the red?), or if they'll be doing something to it in post, this looks reasonably terrible.

- Apparently, Robert Downy Jr. made an appearance at the Marvel panel, during which Marvel officially announced that Guardians of the Galaxy will be made, and feature a gun toting raccoon, but also that Ant-man is moving forward, finally, though no specifics were offered in terms of cast or date. Downy brought with him footage of Iron Man 3, including a clip of Ben Kingsley wearing ten rings, confirming what I thought when he was cast.

Hit the jump for the rest, which include Thor and Cap sequel names, Fantastic Four and Daredevil news, and a Superman poster.

- This new poster for Man of Steel tells us only two things. One, apparently in this series, Superman had made his costume out of discarded basketballs. And two, they have went with the old Fleischer design for the emblem, which eschews the iconic diamond shape slightly. I don't know how I feel about this.

- Mads Mikkleson has dropped out of Thor 2, now officially name Thor: The Dark WorldI wondered how long he'd remain part of the cast after it was announced that he would be playing Hannibal Lector in the new NBC series. While Hannibal offers a  longer potential employment opportunity, the chances of Hannibal being cancelled by the network are far higher then Thor 2 being a box office bomb. But, to each his own.

- The Captain America sequel has also gotten a new name: Captain America: The Winter Solider. This goes against the trend set by the Iron Man movies of just giving the movies a number, rather then a title. Myself, I prefer titles to numbers, but only if the title works. I like Winter Solider, which fans of the the comics will tell you was the alias of Bucky Barne after he was brainwashed by Soviets. I don't so much care for Thor: The Dark World, as it seems a little pedestrian, and a little D&D expansion pack-ish.

- Fox has announced that they have both hired and fired some directors. They have hired Chronicle director Josh Trank to direct their reboot of the Fantastic Four, and have fired David Slade from their Daredevil reboot. Now, I did not happen to enjoy Amazing Spider-man, which is the first of the major reboots (if you don't consider X-Men: First Class a reboot, just a messed up film) of the original Marvel movies, which is funny, because it was the first of the major Marvel movies, after X-Men. All of this has happened before...

- Warner Bros has announced Justice League will be released in 2015. Everybody else understands this will not happen.

Via Topless Robot, and again, and Den of Geek, and again. And ComicsAlliance.
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