The Punisher Fan Film, Starring The Cast Of The Punisher

The Punisher shouldn't be a hard movie to make. A cop goes crazy, and kills everyone. He's essentailly Batman without the moral code. Of the three Punisher movies, none of them have gotten this right. The first, which should have been the best considering it was made in the 80's, the beating heart of totally insane violence, was just terrible. The second, starring Thomas Jane, certainly had the best cast and the best plot, but was very, very light on the violence and, you know, punishing. Though it did feature John Pinette, one of the funniest comedians you'll ever see in stand up. War Zone was a mess, but it did get the violence right. A little too right, if you can believe that.

So, a Punisher fan film, titled Dirty Laundry, really isn't news. Except that it was made, and stars Thomas Jane. And Ron Perlman, who in other news, actaully wants to make a Hellboy 3 now. Times, they are a changing, I guess.

Via Topless Robot.
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