A Movie 65 Million Years In The Making, Twenty Years Later

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The 3D re release of Jurassic Park has been moved up from July to April of next year, to celebrate the film's twentieth anniversary. Also announced was that Raiders of the Lost Ark will be released in IMAX this month, in anticipation of that film series being released on blu-ray in September.

Personally, I'd love to see these two announcements switch. Because as it stands, and as much as I've love to see Jurassic Park on the big screen again, I won't see a movie in 3D. I just won't. I saw several when they first introduced the technology, the last of which was Coraline, and I saw the last Underworld movie in 3D because none of my local cinetoriums were playing a 2D version.

And I hate it. Aside form the fact that it adds nothing to the movie watching experience other then five bucks on my ticket price, it is distracting, uncomfortable, and a vulgar and insulting way for the studios to say "we don't care about the quality of the film, we just want your money". If you're going to be that obvious, just remake Total Recall and give Katy Perry her own... wait...

For those that are interested, Jurassic Park 3D comes out April 5th, which isn't the anniversary of the initial release (that would be June 11th), it's just an arbitrary day.

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