A Small Price To Pay For The Man Who Invented The Future

A bit of background on this one. Nearly twenty years ago, the Tesla Science Centre formed with the goal of raising enough money to transform Nikola Tesla's former Shoreham lab into a museum about the inventor, something of which does not exist in the United States. Jane Alcorn, the president of the Centre, was concerned that the dream of the museum might never happen, as another developer had expressed interest in purchasing the property and turning it into... eghh, shops (a similar reality effected the once home of Michael Faraday in London, which I believe is now an ASDA, or some damned thing). New York State had pledged to pay for half of the purchase cost, should the Centre raise the other half. And in nearly twenty years, they didn't.

This is a crime. Nikola Tesla is perhaps the most important unknown person of the past two hundred years, and luckily, his name is becoming more and more familiar, and not just with people who think it's a brand of car. Aside from the fact that he was completely mad, he was also completely brilliant (and, asexual, for anyone looking for a idol in that department). He invented alternating current, radio, the spark plug, experimented with X-rays, and famously claimed to have invented death rays and (mythbusted) vibration-based weapons of mass destruction.

Enter Matthew Inman, cartoonist of The Oatmeal. He urged people to fund the project through IndieGoGo, to keep the lab available for the museum. They needed to raise $850,000. They've raised, with 31 days left in the campaign, $1.16 million.

That is half a million less then the Centre would need to buy the whole property outright, with no assistance from the State of New York. Internet, give yourself a slow clap on this one, you have done good. And there is still a month left in the fund raising. Head over to their page, and give what you can, as little as $3 even. I think I'll be aiming for the bumper sticker. That way, not only will motorists know my feelings about that villain Edison, but I'll have helped make something needed and necessary happen.

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