A Thing That Probably Won't Happen, But Might

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For those that missed it, Party Down was a Starz series that ran for two seasons in 2009/2010. It was a single camera comedy from Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas, and producer Paul Rudd (who was attached to co-star along with post-Daily Show, pre-Office Steve Carrell). It starred Lizzy Caplan, Adam Scott (Parks and Rec), Jane Lynch (Best in Show), Megan Mullally (Parks and Rec), and Ken Marino (Children's Hospital).

Following the disgruntled employees of an LA catering firm, the show was hysterical, but never caught on until after it was cancelled, by which time most of the cast had moved on to other things, a lot of them Parks and Recreation. It also featured guest appearances from just about everybody who worked on Veronica Mars. If you haven't seen it, find it on DVD like I did and be prepared to watch twenty of the funniest episodes of recent TV comedy.

Rob Thomas has a bad time of getting his show's cancelled, and wanting to make movies of them. He and Kristen Bell have been going on forever about a Mars movie, which I think we can all agree is never going to happen. So to with Party Down, with one exception: the cast wants this to happen. Like, really like. They loved this show. Read the Complete Oral History of the show, and you'll see. The cast liked this show more then the viewers, more then the studio, more then many of their own loved ones.

And according to Megan Mullally, the movie has been financed. Apparently, they are aiming to have everything ready to go for next spring, when everyone goes on TV break. While I feel the series was exceptionally well down, and concluded both naturally and fulfillingly, and am more partial to short runs myself anyway, and I worry that the show's format and style might not translate well to larger feature format, if this did actually happen, I would have ticket one from my local cinetorium.

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