Bill Nye Has A Message For Fools

There is a difference between being religious, and believing in biblical literalism. One is an opinion of moral beliefs, or a philosophical comfort system to ease the mind about the big questions. The other is believing that every detail and word of a thousands year old document is absolute truth, flying it the face of even the most basic scientific fact, easily refutable evidence and many times, those same moral beliefs that are others hold so dear.

While I personally believe that you don't need a book to tell you right from wrong, and that any philosophical system that purports to give you a definite answer on the greater questions of life, the universe and everything is perpetrating a fraud, and that science, a repeatable, evidence based systematic method, does provide actual answers, and often times uncovers more beauty and depth that actually exists then any fable could ever create.

Creationism is a horrid beast of ignorance. Luckily, it's not that big a problem outside of the United States. It exists, but rarely do you see entire news networks devoted to it. Faith is a private matter, it has to be if it is effecting a person on such a deep, personal level. I have no problem with people of any faith, so long as they don't push it in my face. In the same way that I don't flaunt my atheism (despite having written this post). Creationist flaunt their beliefs. They push it in everyone's face, and yell at us when we disagree with them. It is a terrible thing, and one that has far too much momentum in the US modern culture. That needs to stop.

You want to be a creationist, fine. You go right ahead, if that works for you. Just shut up about it.

Via Uproxx.
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