Bow, Wedding, and Rat

Rule one: Steven Moffat lies.
Rule two: when telling us important information, he will be as cryptic and unhelpful as possible.
Rule three: I'm alright with that.

And so, with Doctor Who returning at the end of this week, we can turn our attentions to his other piece of beauty, series 3 of Sherlock. What with principle photography out of the way on the Hobbit, one might assume that the film's stars, Martin Freeman (Bilbo Baggins) and Benedict Cumberbatch (Smaug, the Necromancer) will be returning to their roles of Watson and Holmes respectively, and soon.

And what awaits the duo this series, other then an expected resurrection? Says Moffat:
"Bow, Wedding, and Rat"
While this seems horribly unhelpful, remember that before last series, his clue was "Woman, Hound, Fall." So, in retrospect, quite obvious. Den of Geek has a good pile of guesses as to what "Bow, Wedding, and Rat" mean, and I suggest you check it out. I, for one, agree that "Bow" probably means His Last Bow, the only Holmes story never told from Watson's perspective (or Holmes' either), though I'd want to know if Moffat pronounced it bow, as in "take a...", or bow, as in "... and arrow".

"Wedding", I would hope to mean the introduction of Mary, Watson's canonal wife. Since Sherlock's reappearance in the stories was years after his 'death', I expect the show to do the same. And what better way for Watson to have moved on with his post-Holmes life, then to end his already humourously highlighted bachelor days, and settle down with a safe, secure woman who maybe pales a little in comparison once Holmes returns. Or alternatively, not. I thought that the Guy Richie version of Mary was strong enough to warrant a promotion to the female lead in the third of that series if they make it, I can't see why Moffat and Gatiss can't outdo him, as they have in every other respect.

I have no idea what "Rat" means, except that an adaption of my favourite Holmes story, The Speckled Band, won't be forth coming this series. Whatever they mean, if last year is any indication, they are at least in order, and that "Rat" has some very big shoes to fill in the "grand finale" department.

Via Den of Geek.
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